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I did not imagine that the new parliamentary session would begin with its first interrogation about the Iron and Steel Company .. I did not imagine that the interrogation was the veteran member, Mustafa Bakry .. The interrogation is the most elegant tool of oversight in the hands of the deputy .. and a full session has passed. Parliament has not witnessed a single interrogation. , Over a whole cycle .. This does not mean that the weather was wonderful and the world was spring!

It seems that this hot start will encourage the practice of real democracy under the dome .. MP Bakry does not belong to any opposition movement, but he is a representative of a people who feels the pain of the masses .. And the issue of the Iron and Steel Company is an issue that afflicted people in the mainland of Egypt, and deserves a first-class questioning .. It was not possible for anyone but Bakri to present this questioning, except for the deputy of the department himself!

And what it means is that it is the beginning as I expected it in my article a few days ago, and I said that the new parliament has a golden opportunity to reconcile the public opinion .. And I asked whether we would see the activation of the monitoring tools in the new council, and we deal with the representatives in good faith .. And I asked whether we are witnessing questions and requests for briefing and interrogations ?!

And here, the parliament began questioning from the first week .. It is a hot start that will encourage many to enter directly into an atmosphere of questioning the government without fear .. It is a beginning that causes people to return to its parliament, and it is evidence that what happened was the choice of the representatives and not with any instructions. They abstained from themselves, and those who exercised their right of control were not prevented by anyone .. We want to expand the base of freedoms and the right to express opinion in parliament, newspapers and satellite channels, as it is a great gain for the country to practice politics in the light!

The secret of surprise is that MP Bakry has shown his readiness more than once to abide by the state’s orientations, whether in electing the president and the two agents or choosing the government. Several times, therefore, it was an opportunity to serve the deputy who was considered by many to be the candidate of the government or the state .. And it was time to prove that he is the people’s representative, and Bakri can, with his great experience in the parliament, and he can also because he is a great writer and political orator!

The most important thing is how Dr. Hanafi Jabali, the Speaker of the Council, handles the issue of the interrogations? .. Will he move to the agenda or hold the government accountable? .. Dr. Hanafi is also required to reconcile with public opinion .. And he has an opportunity to prove that he is an elected president of a popular parliament!

In conclusion, I repeat that the new council can open the door for public debate and be a season for dialogue, which is a great gain to open the door to national freedoms and writings in newspapers, and broadcast vital issues on satellite channels!

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