The Football Association decides to open an investigation into the participation of the “suspended” player in front of the Tigris


The tripartite committee of the Football Association decided to open an investigation into the crisis that erupted recently due to the participation of Mohamed Nasif, the player of the Vanguards of the Army, in the face of the team that brought them together yesterday, at the Military Sports Authority Stadium in the seventh round of the Premier League competition, which ended with the victory of Al-Tale’aa with no response.

Majid Sami, president of the Tigris Valley Club, announced a formal protest against the player’s participation, and wrote on his Facebook page, “In the sixth week of the Premier League match between Talaa Al-Jaysh and Zamalek, and in the 87th minute, the referee Ibrahim Noureddine declared a yellow card for Mohamed Nasif, the third. This season, after the same player had obtained two previous cards in the two matches in El Gouna on December 11th and the clearing on December 22nd, Talaea El Guish Club made a mistake in involving the player in the match of the seventh week against Wadi Degla that was held yesterday, noting that the club will file a formal protest to the Competitions Committee on Sunday 17/1 to preserve his rights.

On the other hand, Brigadier General Ahmed Fouad Al-Mahdi, director of football at Al-Jaish, revealed the truth of the allegations of Majid Sami, president of the Tigris Valley Club, who announced that Al-Talaa ‘would include his player Mohamed Nasif, the left back of the team, in the two teams’ match despite his suspension.

Al-Mahdi said in exclusive statements on the seventh day, “Muhammad Nassif got the third warning in the match between Egypt and the clearing, and was suspended and absent from the match spinning Mahalla and Hussein Al-Sayed Marcelo participated in his place, then he returned to participate with Al-Talaa ‘starting from the confrontation of Al-Ittihad of Alexandria and got a first warning then participated in a match Zamalek and got the second warning, and therefore his participation in the face of the Tigris Valley is completely sound and legal.

The Talaia Al-Jaysh club succeeded in winning against Wadi Degla with a goal without response by Ahmed Samir, who raised his score for the fourth goal in the league’s scorers ’table, accompanied by Kahraba, the Al-Ahly player, and Ramadan Sobhi, the Pyramids player, who managed to score two goals in the Arab Contractors match today and reached the goal The fourth despite the pressures he faces during the last period.

The result raised Al-Jaysh’s scores to the fourth point in the penultimate place of the league table, where it managed to escape from the bottom, while Wadi Degla remained at the sixth point in the 15th place with a win, 3 draws and two defeats.


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