“The Foreign Ministry must demand an apology,” an author on the accusations of the Ethiopian ambassador


12:41 AM

Sunday 17 January 2021

Books – Hassan Morsi:

The journalist Amr Adib commented on the statements of the Ethiopian ambassador to the UAE, in which he accused Egypt of fueling the conflict between his country and Sudan.

Adeeb said, during his program “The Story” through the satellite channel “mbc Egypt”, on Saturday evening: “Ethiopian travel in the Emirates published two tweets containing an unjust attack on Egypt.”

The presenter of “the story” added: “There is Sudanese-Ethiopian tension on the borders between the two countries, but Sudan has a new administration that defends the rights of its people. We were surprised by the Ethiopian ambassador telling the Sudanese,” Don’t let the Egyptians push you to war. ”

And the journalist Amr Adeeb continued: “It is strange that a diplomat says these words must ask the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to apologize for these statements,” adding: “You have in Ethiopia a problem with Sudan; Egypt supports Sudan in obtaining its rights and its occupied lands from the Ethiopian side.”

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