“The Future of a Nation” wins the presidency of 18 of the 25 committees under the Parliament


12:22 PM

Thursday 14 January 2021

Books – Masrawy:

The formation of the House of Representatives committees, totaling 25, revealed that the Future Party won the presidency of 18 committees, and the representatives appointed by a Republican decision presided over 5 committees and independents headed a committee, and from the other parties the Egyptian Freedom Party won a single committee.

Two women won the presidency of the tourism and aviation, culture and media committees, while Alaa Abed chaired the transport and communications committee instead of human rights, and Atef Nasser, the committee for suggestions and complaints, who was in the previous parliament, was the head of the parliamentary body of the Future Watan Party.

The Arab Affairs Committee was headed by Yusri Al-Maghazi, who was running the deputy of the housing committee in the previous parliament, while Dr. Osama Al-Abed became an agent of the Religious Affairs Committee after he had been its head for 5 years in the previous parliament, where Dr. Ali Jumaa became its head.

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