The general assembly of the Football Association is communicating with Mahmoud Taher to run for the presidency of Jabalia


The last hours witnessed calls by members of the FIFA General Assembly with Mahmoud Taher, former Al-Ahly club president, and some close to him, in order to persuade him to run for the position of president of the Football Association in the upcoming elections, whose deadline has not yet been set and waiting for a letter from FIFA on the date of the elections.

A source close to Mahmoud Taher revealed that the next few days will witness Taher’s decision to run for the presidency of the Football Association, especially since he had previously been a member of the Jabaliya position with a number of big names such as Samir Zahir, the former president of the Football Association, and Hani Abu Raida, the former president of the Football Association.

On the other hand, the tripartite committee for the management of the Football Association refused to nominate Al-Ahly Club to Adly Al-Qiai, the marketing advisor at the Red Castle, to represent the Red Club in the Professional Clubs Association, especially since the new list adopted by the clubs stipulates that the candidates for the Clubs Association shall not be members of the boards of directors. Clubs or their employees, and the same applies to the Football Association.

The tripartite committee in charge of managing the Football Association invited the officials of the Premier League clubs to hold a meeting at the Jabalaya headquarters next Wednesday, to elect an executive office for the Professional Clubs Association in the coming period, according to the regulations approved by the last General Assembly, so that the association begins its work by forming a competitions committee and the association opening an account A bank of her own.

The General Assembly approved the formation of professional club associations for all departments in the new season, with the conditions for candidacy after their amendment, and at the head of which the candidate must have obtained a collective certificate and that he has performed military service or exempted from it according to the text of the Egyptian constitution.

According to Article 60 (First Division League), the league consists of clubs that participate in the first division championship and are independent, provided that its board members are formed annually..

According to the article, 5 members of the board of directors are chosen by election from among the persons nominated by the clubs of the first section who are not members of the clubs’ board of directors or its employees.

The Football Association nominates two members to be in the association, provided that they are not members of the federation’s board of directors at the time of nomination or from the association’s employees.

The links to specific bank accounts through which clubs’ rights are distributed, and they are entitled to form a committee to manage the first section championship with marketing the competition and conducting commercial and sponsorship deals.

As for Article 60 of the regulations, it stipulates the independence of the committees while always working to support the interests of the Football Association in accordance with its laws and regulations, while prohibiting the heads of the committees, representatives and any of their immediate family members from exercising any executive position in the Football Association or having a working relationship with the Federation or one of its members or links Or the clubs and their companies and institutions.


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