The highlights of the new Buds Pro wireless headphones from Samsung


The highlights of the new Buds Pro wireless headphones from Samsung

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Samsung took advantage of the event to review its new S-class phones to reveal its new generation of advanced mini wireless speakers.

According to the company, the Galaxy Buds Pro headphones carry many features compared to the Buds headphones, and the most prominent thing I got is the new design of the external structure that made it lighter and more comfortable for the user’s ear, as well as its external structures that were resistant to water and dust according to IPX7 standards.

Each piece of the headset is also equipped with three small microphones that provide excellent sound purity during calls, in addition to two 11 and 6.5 mm speakers, which give the user an excellent distribution of sounds.

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Galaxy Buds Pro supports 360 Audio and Dolby Head features to display sounds, and the user can control its settings either to completely cancel external noise or allow the speaker to enter surrounding sounds while driving or walking in the street.

These headphones also feature internal batteries that are sufficient to work for approximately 8 continuous hours, and a small plastic case has a battery for additional charging.

Source: ixbit


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