The kind, Shams Al-Kuwaiti, lights up with red skin and catches the eye of social media


The singer Shams Al-Kuwaiti was keen to share with all her followers a new photo of her on the social networking site for pictures and videos “Instagram” and appeared in it with an attractive and distinctive look, and she got many likes and many distinctive comments.

The image of Shams Kuwaiti in red skin catches the attention of the social media

It is also worth noting that Shams al-Kuwaiti shone while wearing a long red leather dress, and it has many lines that tend to white, which made her have a very attractive and distinctive look.

She also chose to complement her elegance and look with many light touches of make-up, and she chose her to show the beauty of her eyes through the use of eye liners, eye shadow and mascara that showed the beauty of her eyes, and she put lipstick in brown and relied on a short haircut and flowing characteristic of her a lot.

She also did not wear accessories as she was content to appear with a distinctive and striking look, and her name is “Shams Bandar Nayef Al-Salami”. She was born on April 28, 1980.

In a related context, she was born in the province of Hafr Al-Batin in eastern Saudi Arabia, and her father is Saudi and her mother is Kuwaiti, and her father passed away at the age of two years, and her mother then married a Kuwaiti man who raised her and lived with them, and also obtained a certificate from the “Higher Institute for Musical Arts in Kuwait”.


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