The Lebanese judiciary is investigating the governor of the Central Bank on the fourth day of the protests in Tripoli


Demonstrators in Lebanon

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Government media say that the demonstrators tried to storm the government building in Tripoli

The governor (governor) of the Lebanese Central Bank, Riad Salameh, is facing accusations from the Lebanese judiciary of negligence in his work and insulting trust, at a time when Lebanon is witnessing massive protests after the government extended the measures of the general national closure.

The unrest swept across the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli for the fourth day in a row, following reports of the death of one of the demonstrators shot dead by police forces.

Agence France-Presse says that angry crowds gathered in front of the homes of some of the most senior officials on Thursday, burning piles of garbage and smashing surveillance cameras around them.

The government in Lebanon is facing criticism for not providing financial support to citizens unable to work due to the ban that extends around the clock.

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