The Minister of Education reveals to “Masrawy” the fact that parts of the curriculum have been deleted


10:52 PM

Friday 08 January 2021

Books – Osama Ali:

Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, denied 4 rumors that were circulated during the last period regarding decisions to suspend studies and postpone exams.

In exclusive statements to “Masrawy,” the Minister of Education and Technical Education confirmed that no part of the curriculum will be deleted, adding that the study will be completed by the distance education system through the various means provided by the ministry, and this year’s work will not be canceled.

Shawky added that no date has been set for the exams yet, explaining that Coronas position will be reassessed after the end of the mid-year vacation on February 20, stressing that there is no intention to return research as a tool for evaluation, after being misused by some.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education decided to cancel attendance in schools of all kinds, starting from January 2, 2021, until the beginning of the mid-year lease, which will start from January 16 until February 20, 2021.

It also decided to postpone all the exams that were scheduled to be held in this semester (paper – practical – electronic) until after the end of the mid-year vacation, if conditions were stabilized internally due to the spread of the Corona pandemic, while applying this to all types of education and its different levels.

In addition to completing the teaching of the curriculum starting from next Saturday, January 2, 2021, and until the end of the first semester of the 2020/2021 academic year, with the distance education system, with fulfilling the basic requirements and obtaining the minimum standards for completing the curriculum without any deletions from the curriculum.

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