The most difficult scene of her death .. Malak Ahmed Zahir leads the trend


topped up King Ahmed Zahir Trend Google search index after the great success that she achieved through the series Louloua, through which she collaborated with Mai Omar, Naglaa Badr and her father, Ahmed Zaher.

Malak confirmed that the scene of her death and the scenes she collected in the series with her father are the most difficult for her, stressing that returning to acting after an absence of more than 8 years was not easy.

Malak Ahmed Zahir is 19 years old and started her artistic activity when she was only 6 years old.

She co-starred in several films, including Captain Hema, Omar, Salma, and the minors series.

Malak is the first daughter of Ahmed Zahir and has previously revealed her desire to work in the field of medicine in addition to her work as an actress.


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