The national team coach explains .. the relationship between Al-Ahly and Pyramids players


Tarek Mostafa, general coach of the Egyptian national team, said that the upcoming Pharaohs camp may witness the joining of new faces to the team’s list, adding that the technical staff is not afraid of a strained relationship between Al-Ahly players and Pyramids because love and respect are what govern the relationship between everyone.

During televised comments on the “Be On Time” program broadcast on “On Time Sports”, Mustafa said: “First, I congratulate the national team for reaching the quarter-finals of the World Cup, and I wish them success in today’s match against Denmark.”

He added: “The national team has suffered greatly during the past period due to the consequences of the Corona virus. We were unable to play friendly matches to give Al-Ahly and Zamalek the opportunity to prepare for the African Championship, and indeed they managed to reach the final.”

He added, “During the last period, the players have reached a good technical and physical stage. Hossam Al-Badri (the coach of the national team) has set up a program for the technical staff that includes following up on all matches to choose the best elements available at the present time.”

He continued: “Everyone wishes to join the national team. We try to rely on justice in our choices. We present our views and in the end the decision is for Al-Badri.”

And he continued: “We set an initial vision for the March camp list, there are players who appeared well and have the national team character, some players have maintained their level before and after Corona … Each stage has its players.”

He continued: “The strength of the national team is mostly from Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids, and the coming period may witness the joining of new faces on the team, the most important thing is continuity in good performance and continuous participation with their clubs.”

And when asked whether the technical staff of the national team feared the strained relationship between Al-Ahly and Pyramids players in the camp, he said: “We do not think about these matters. During the camp there is no family player or Pyramids player, love and respect are the ones that govern the relationship between everyone.”

And whether the public pressure forces the coaching staff to choose or exclude a player, he said: “The most important thing for us is the interest of the national team, the Egyptian team is greater than everyone else.”


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