The new smear positive for Yosra, 3 weeks after her infection with Corona


The artist, Yousra, said that her health is improving day by day, but the smear is still positive after 3 weeks of treatment.

Yousra added, in one of the press statements, that she is continuing with the treatment protocol that the Ministry of Health has set for her, following up, “Thank God, I am afraid of your prayers and your love for me and you are happy that you are beside me and support me in my distress.”

She concluded her speech, saying: “I thank all the people who ask me, and all the doctors who do everything for me, and thank the Ministry of Health for their great efforts, and I thank all my colleagues and friends inside and outside Egypt who asked Ali, and I thank all the people, may God protect you from me, and never deprive us of you.” .

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