The Pope congratulates Egyptians for the year 2021: if we put number 1 next to 2 the meaning is “God is love”


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Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of Saint Mark Episcopate, congratulated the Egyptians on the New Year 2021, saying: “2021 is a Happy New Year for all people, the earth and all of Egypt.”

“The Pope” said, during a spiritual sermon during the New Year and Half Night Mass and the praise last evening and continued until the early hours of this Friday morning in the monastery of St. Anba Bishoy in Wadi Al-Natroun, that the year 2021 represents a nice number that reminds us of the Virgin Mary, the patron saint of the human race, and the number is repeated In the Bible, there are many events, and in modern times, the Coptic martyrs who fell victim to ISIS in Libya were 21 martyrs.

He added: “If we take the number from a small vision, it becomes clear that the number 1 is on its side, 2, and the number 1 symbolizes the God whom we worship and created the world, and the number 2 always in the Bible symbolizes love, and love always has two sides, and it is a number that combines the dualities in the universe such as woman, man and heaven. And the Earth and the Old and New Testaments, which is an expression of love and the number 2 symbolizes love, and if we put number 1 next to 2, the meaning of God becomes love, which is what we can consider the slogan of the new year 2021 God is love, and it is a beautiful analogy that relaxes people and man feels that he is not alone in the universe. For him a god manage his affairs for him.

The Pope talked about the past year 2020, saying: “2020 was a year in the history of mankind known by its number and events distinguished by the emergence of the new Corona epidemic that spread the whole world, and if a person passes through his life with many weaknesses and many problems, but Corona is a comprehensive epidemic for all humanity, and infected 8 billion People around the world with anxiety, fear and horror because of disease, spread, infection and injury, but from God’s blessings that we have reached the New Year, and in it many people can dream that it will reach the year 2021 and say it is very far away and there are people whose lives ended in the past year and a great blessing that God brought us to this General ».

He said that human beings are living in a state of fear and anxiety because of the virus that has gone crazy for all of humanity on the face of the earth, continuing: “Oh, I want you not to worry about fear and anxiety, but at the same time you have to adhere to the procedures announced in the world and we are careful in our dealings, discontinuity in talking and reporting feeling any symptoms No matter how simple, every person preserves himself and others in his family and society that deals with them, but life must go on and we cultivate the land, operate factories and maintain business. ”

He continued: “The experience we gained from the Corona 2020 lesson, makes us well understand that life is not equal to the fact that any person is upset with his brother or raises a case to a limit or quarrels with a limit or suffocates with a limit, or practices revenge, hatred or envy, and when you look at the sky you feel The insignificance of the earth ».

The Pope warned against reporting bad news, saying: “Please, please do not convey the brutal, disturbing news, but pray for the people you are talking about. This news will not be like a brutal news station.”

The mass and the prayers witnessed full commitment to precautionary measures and preventive controls to confront the Corona virus from wearing masks and taking into account the spacing between the bishops participating in the prayer, which was broadcast on Christian satellite channels and on the COC channel on the Internet and the official page of the official spokesperson of the Church.

The Pope participated in the prayers and masses, a limited number of the general fathers, bishops, and monks of the monasteries, in Wadi Natrun.

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