The price of Yasmine Sabry’s dress and her brother’s pants is ridiculous


Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima celebrated the birthday of his wife, Egyptian star Yasmine Sabry, in their luxurious palace in Cairo.

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She documented all the moments that expressed her happiness with this first surprise as his wife, not just his lover or fiancee.

She wore a long red dress from Dolce and Gabana, the price of which was more than $ 2,200, equivalent to 35,000 Egyptian pounds, and as usual she was subjected to many criticisms and some asked her why she wore a dress with that amount.

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In front of these ridiculous comments, we stand laughing at trivial Arab mentalities that attack the rich because of their poverty of reason, not their livelihood, and attack the successful because of their failure in life and because they have surrendered to fate and time.

Yasmine has the right to wear expensive clothes because she uses her own money, not the state money, nor the money of the poor, and her husband is one of the richest people who pamper her, takes care of her and provides her with all her needs because he is a generous man who loves her and is not a miserly male.

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Yasmine’s brother was present at her birthday party and posted a photo with her and his brother-in-law, and he wore a formal suit, but his embroidered pants were subjected to many criticisms, as some saw them as unworthy.

The look of Yasmine Sabry on her holiday shows the truth about her pregnancy!
Yasmine Sabry and Ahmed Abu Hashima
Yasmine Sabry and her brother
Yasmine Sabry and her brother’s pants


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