The Public Prosecution Office is investigating an accusation by a doctor of indecent assault on the honor of two girls in Cairo: Who owns


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Monday, January 11, 2021

Books – Tariq Samir:

The Public Prosecution is conducting investigations into the incident of accusing a doctor of indecent assault on two girls in Cairo

The Public Prosecution stated, in a statement today, Monday, that the Public Prosecutor’s Office received, last November, two petitions from the client of two girls who told the accused that he had kidnapped them by means of fraud and their display was violated during 2011 and 2012, while they were two children at the time, so the Public Prosecution summoned them and witnessed the defendant’s transgression. They must have had them during sessions in which he claimed psychiatric treatment, after they read a book he had written and contacted him by phone with the number he wrote in the book.

By interrogating the “Public Prosecution” the accused last December, he denied the accusations against him, deciding that he was a free human doctor who did not practice medicine and did not own a medical clinic. Police investigations have not found any information about the incident, and an investigation is being completed.

The Monitoring and Analysis Unit in the Statement Department at the Attorney General’s Office monitored many claims to the various official “Public Prosecution” accounts on social media sites to investigate the accused and take legal measures against him for accusing him in other than the two cases presented, without the Public Prosecution receiving a direct official report or providing evidence to it Against him from what is reported on the communication sites other than the two aforementioned petitions.

The Public Prosecution called upon all to stop the circulation of information they may have about the accused or the facts attributed to him on social media, and to go directly to the “Partial Nozha Prosecution” in the Heliopolis Courts Complex in Cairo, which is competent to investigate the incident To give the testimony or evidence they have that are useful in revealing the truth, confirming that what is circulating outside the framework of the official investigation that you are undertaking is not considered reliable evidence as long as it is not submitted to the Public Prosecution through the official way, and that the confidentiality of investigations and data protection are guaranteed by the force of law.

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