The release of a videographer of “Corona deaths” at Al-Hussainiya Hospital


7:53 AM

Tuesday 05 January 2021

Eastern Province – Fatima Al-Deeb:

The investigation authorities of the North Eastern Prosecution Office decided to dismiss the young man, Ahmed Mamdouh, the videographer of the death of patients infected with the Coronavirus in the isolation department of the intensive care unit at Al Hussainiya Central Hospital, after hearing his statements in the video.

Dr. Hisham Masoud, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Sharkia, denied that there is a problem in supplying oxygen to the governorate’s hospitals, saying: “There is a system between all hospitals and the Ministry of Health, and we photograph the oxygen meters twice a day in the morning and evening and send them to the Ministry of Health.”

Masoud added, in statements to him, that Al Husseiniya Hospital is connected to one oxygen network and works efficiently and there is a safe strategic limit for oxygen in its tank, and the rest of the patients who use ventilators were not affected by the rest of the hospital from any problems related to lack of oxygen.

And the Eastern Health Agent continued: “Al Husseiniya Hospital had 7 patients in the care assigned to Corona, 4 of them died, and there were also two care with 5 patients, and the incubators had 11 children, using oxygen, and if there was a problem with oxygen they were affected or died as well.” Dr. Hisham Masoud explained that the four deaths that occurred in the intensive care unit at Al-Hussainiya Hospital: They were due to complications from the Corona virus, after the deterioration of their medical condition due to old age, in addition to the infection of some of them with chronic diseases.

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