The Russian national team qualifies for the second round of the World Handball Cup “Egypt 2021”


The Russian national team qualifies for the second round of the World Handball Cup


The Russian national team won a precious victory at the expense of its Slovenian counterpart, with a score of 31-25, in the second round of Group H of the Handball World Cup, hosted by Egypt until January 31.

The Russian team ended the first half with a 3-goal difference (16-13).

Russian goalkeeper Viktor Kyriyev won the best player award in the match after he starred in addressing many of the opportunities achieved and contributed greatly to his country’s victory.

With this victory, the Russian team raised its score to 3 points and guaranteed its qualification to the next round with the Belarusian team, which in turn won earlier today over its bottom South Korean counterpart with a score of 32-24.

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There is no winner or loser in the match between Russia and Belarus in the Handball World Cup

On the other hand, the Slovenian team stopped monitoring at two points obtained from its victory in the first round over South Korea.

The Russian national team plays under the flag of the Russian Handball Federation, while the International Football Association anthem is played before the start of its matches due to the penalty imposed by the Court of Sport Arbitration “Cas” on the 17th of last December by banning Russian athletes from competing in major international competitions under the Russian flag and anthem for two years from The date of issuance of the decision i.e. until December 16, 2022, claiming “the data tampering with the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory.”



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