The secret of the green cloth in her bag and the story of the letter R..what she did not know about Faten Hamama


Today, 6 years have passed since the departure of the lady of the Arab screen, Faten Hamama, who left our world on this day corresponding to January 17, 2015, after a long artistic journey that I began as a 5-year-old girl, during which I influenced art with many masterpieces and the most important films in the history of cinema.

In the following report, and on the anniversary of the death of the great artist, Faten Hamama, we publish a number of information that many do not know about the lady of the Arab screen, Faten Hamama.

In a rare issue of Al-Kawakeb magazine published in August 1965, the magazine published the ninth episode of Faten Hamamas diary, under the title “The Acting Institute Rid Me From My Sting.”

The lady of the Arab screen said that she had applied to enroll in the acting institute and there was a large number of applicants to pass the entrance exams. Their number reached more than 400 young men and women. She passed the tests and was chosen among 12 young men and 7 girls from among all the numbers of applicants. Faten Hamama revealed the details of Tarif’s position that she was exposed to. In his first days of study at the institute with the great artist Zaki Tulaimat, who was a professor at the institute.

Faten explained that Tulaimat entered the lecture and started talking to male and female students, and he almost did not notice her until he called her, saying, “Come here, Aaroussa.”

“Anger drove blood to my face,” the great artist wrote in her diary. “I shouted nervously while sitting in my place … I am not a bride, I am Faten.”

The great artist indicated that Zaki Tulaimat made a great effort trying to hide his smile, then he said, “Good come here, Faten.” So she went to the introduction of the chapter to ask her teacher, “Your name is Faten,” and she replied and the traces of anger were still on her, “Faten Hamama.”

And she continued, “Zaki Tulaimat laughed and the male and female students laughed with him, so she shouted at them:” Are you laughing at what are you doing? “Then he asked me,” Do you like acting? Are you so? “, And I answered with a nervous tone,” Of course, and if you didn’t love him, you wouldn’t have come here. “

The Lady of the Arab Screen continued the rest of the story, saying: “Tulaimat noticed that I utter“ Ra ”,“ Gin, ”a sting that had been accompanying me since childhood and only a few people discovered it. Is raised, and when I read it, he would block his ear with his hand so that he would not hear my pronunciation of the letter R.

And she continued, “Suddenly he said to me,” Come out of your tongue, Faten, “and she laughed at this request and asked him:” Why do I see my tongue? Then he said, “To see the part that is missing from it,” and everyone laughed and laughed.

Faten Hamama added: “Since this day, a friendship arose between me and Zaki Tulaimat, a student and her teacher, and he was praising my talents that qualify me for a good place in the world of theater. The first year of my studies at the institute did not pass until I completely got rid of the pronunciation of” gin “, and I became pronounced” Ra “. Clear.

And in a rare issue of Al-Kawkab magazine published in 1959, the magazine published an article about the slashings of strange stars that they were keen on and thought would bring them luck, and among these stars was Faten Hamama, who indicated that since her childhood and throughout her artistic career, she kept a green piece of cloth that she always puts in her bag. And she thinks it brings her luck.

Faten Hamama did not remember the date of the green cloth in her bag, but she remembered that her father used to put this cloth in the pocket of her school bib, then into the pocket of the dress that she wore while she was participating in the “Monday” magazine competition, in which she won the title of the most beautiful child, then In the pocket of the dress that she went with to participate in the movie Happy Day, and the dress that she wore in the movie A Bullet in the Heart, and success was her ally in all these steps, and for this the screen lady believed that the piece of cloth would bring her luck.

Faten Hamama kept the green piece of cloth, then hung it on the door of her apartment and said that it prevented bad luck from entering her home.


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