The story of 26 kisses between Rushdie Abaza and Sabah in a failed movie


During the special screening ceremony for the film “The Days” in one of the halls of cinemas, the ceremony witnessed an exceptional number achieved by Sabah.

The evening was full of applause and shouts of admiration for Sabah’s songs, especially as the elegant singer hit a record with the number of innovative dresses she wore, which reached 15 dresses, according to the Lebanese Network magazine. The number of dresses was not the only thing that the attendees and the media talked about. The audience counted the number of kisses in the film, so every time before Sabah Abaza Rushdie, the spectator announced the matter to the audience shouting: “Seven, nine, twenty”, and the cinema exploded with laughter after each A kiss counts.

The number of kisses reached 26, and the audience received cheer, and all this noise was in the presence of the dancer in an incident that is considered the first of its kind.

The movie “Kant Al-Ayyam” was about the story of Jalal, a doctor who is busy all the time with his patients. His wife, Faithia, decides to travel to Alexandria, to join them after days, but he happens to be on his way back after delivering his wife a beautiful girl to spend with her most of his days.

The film was produced by the artist Rushdie Abaza, but the story was repeated and the heroes are all in their worst conditions and the direction is traditional, which led to its failure in theaters, so the same idea was repeated in color and with the same role of the hero Rushdie Abaza and the heroine Nadia Lotfi with changing Sabah Al-Omari in the movie “Never.” I will not return according to the “cinema” site.


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