The story of “Nipah”, who began to warn of his return as a global epidemic


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Sunday 31 January 2021


The name Sungai Nipah is for a town in Malaysia, and also for a virus described in the records of the “World Health Organization” as an infectious and fatal, to the point that filmmakers weaved a story out of its danger that they turned in 2011 into a movie they called Contagion or the horrific “infection” of Hollywood, and they were inspired by the section related to bats and pigs, Since its appearance in 1997 on a worker from that town on a farm that raises pigs, it killed his nerve and respiratory cells and made him the first dead, so they called it the “Nipah virus”, which warned of its return recently issued reports, and expects it to compete with the new Corona in lethality and ferocity, if it spreads.

The virus that killed 105 of the 265 that it infected after its initial spread in 1998 in Malaysia, buds in both human and animal cells, especially in pigs, as well as what they call “fruit bats” known for their large sizes, and their spread in Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Central Africa and others, according to “Al-Arabiya”. Net “.

The first fighting they resorted to against “Nipah”, which caused more than 700 cases of human disease from May 2018 until late last year, killing between 50 to 75% of the infected, is to rush to pig farms, where millions were killed, but virus specialists confirmed The risk of it spreading among humans, because it kills the injured is very high, so they considered it more ferocious and deadly than the Coronian novelty itself.

Inflammation of the brain, even after recovery

As for its symptoms after its transmission from person to person, or from animal to person through direct contact, it includes coughing, headache and shortness of breath, which, if it flares up after a day or two, may lead to exposure to coma, even and inflammation of the brain “even after recovery” if he is lucky and goes out recovering, Note that there is currently no vaccine that can address it and prevent its infection, except for prevention, that is, as is the case with the newcomer until now, until vaccines prove the opposite.

The most important prevention steps are not direct contact with sick pigs and their places of residence, nor with bats and their areas of movement, especially not drinking raw date palm sap, as bats have been photographed drinking from the “sap” or enzyme of dates while they were collected in jars from the top of the trees, according to a report received In the British newspaper “The Guardian” on Friday, he warned of the spread of the virus in China, with a mortality rate of 75%, and the possibility of it causing a future global pandemic more dangerous than Corona.

Information about Nipah also includes that its symptoms begin to appear after 3 to 14 days, and that its danger surrounds hospital workers and those caring for the injured, as well as those dealing with pigs, and the human infected, and the risk of causing death includes all ages and levels.

As for the countries that afflicted him the most, they are Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh and India, where the latter witnessed in 1999 the death of the first nurse who was treating patients, so he died at the age of nearly 31 years, followed by the death of 18 others in different provinces, in addition to the isolation of the suspects in stone. Healthy, treatment attempts during it did not prove their feasibility except for those whose injuries were less than those of the deceased.

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