The story of the curse of greeting Carioca, which hit Fayez Halawa on his birthday


Today marks the birth of the writer, director and artist Fayez Halawa, who was born on this day, corresponding to January 24, 1932, in the Quesna district, Menoufia Governorate.

Although Fayez Halawa graduated from the Faculty of Law and then joined the Institute of Dramatic Arts, he has a great artistic history, as he played a role in political theater, and wrote, produced and directed many plays, but when he recalls his biography, his famous story with the artist, Tahia, always comes to mind. Carioca, which has become like a curse plaguing his biography and art history.

Despite the many plays of Fayez Halawa, which he composed, directed and participated in, including a false statement, the mule in the jug, I attended the owner of the architecture, my son, the fox Fat, Qahwat al-Tuta, Nyam Nyam, as well as his works in cinema and television, including Hammam Al-Malatili and Shaqalbaz, but the story His marriage and expulsion of the artist Tahia Carioca continued to haunt him throughout his life and after his death.

Fayez married Halawa, the great artist Tahia Carioca, although she was older than him and their marriage lasted for 18 years, but he seized her money and apartment and expelled her with pajamas, and he married in her apartment, and the story of this disagreement was the talk of the press for a long time.

Maker Mohamed Ashoub told the story of Sheikh Al Shaarawy’s intervention to solve the problem of Carioca with Fayez Halawa and invited them to the Palestine Hotel, and asked Halawa to pay her half a million pounds as a fun expense. In his face with the plate.

Ashoub said: His lawyer, Mustafa Ashoub, took over the case that she raised in greeting to recover her apartment, but he was surprised by a call from her asking him not to attend the sessions. Where are them, and I grew up and the apartment is large and flat in the apartment in which I am. ”The eyes of Sheikh Al Shaarawy shone and wept, saying:“ I started to change you, greetings, because our Lord has built for you palaces in Paradise. ”

He continued: “After entering Tahiyyat hospital for the last time before her death, Fayez Halawa visited her, and she was in a semi-coma and cried next to her. She opened her eyes and fell in her chest and cried like a child and said: Forgive me and the life of the Prophet, forgive me.”

The story of Carioca with Fayez Halawa was the cause of great sympathy with the great artist and intense dissatisfaction with Halawa, and this story continued to haunt his life even after his death and departure and float even on his works and artistic history, and Fayez Halawa left our world after suffering a stroke on August 1, 2002


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