“The worst is yet to come” … a “serious” health situation in Los Angeles


The medical director of the District Emergency Services Agency, Marian Ghosh Hill, said in a note, Monday, that ambulances should not transport cardiac arrest patients who do not respond to treatment and do not resume automatic rotation at the scene.

After an earlier version of the memo sounded the alarm, Gush Hill clarified in an interview with CBS, that hospitals will not give up resuscitation of patients, stressing that “the transfer of patients with cardiac arrest leads to very bad results, we already knew that,” We do not want to increase the pressure on our hospitals. “

The new guidelines clarify the extreme distress in Los Angeles, where 21 percent of Corona tests show positive results, while gyms have turned into field hospitals, and ambulances wait for hours in front of hospitals, in order to unload patients and take them to emergency rooms.

The head of the county council of supervisors, Hilda Solis, described the health situation in her Monday as “beyond imagination.”

“Many hospitals have reached crisis point and have to make very difficult decisions about patient care,” Los Angeles County Health Services director Christina Galli said at a news conference.

Ghali warned that “the worst is yet to come.” Until now.

This comes at a time when health officials in the United States reported that more than two-thirds of the anti-virus vaccines that were shipped inside the country, totaling 15 million doses, were not used.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated, “The federal government distributed more than 15 million doses to US states and regions, but only about 4.5 million doses were used.”

As of Tuesday morning, the United States, the country most affected by the emerging corona virus, has recorded more than 354,000 deaths, and nearly 21 million cases of Covid-19, since the outbreak of the pandemic began on its soil, according to Johns Hopkins University statistics.


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