They invoke fake masks, and we live like humans … a rare disease for two children in Dakahlia … Video


A rare disease that afflicted two children from the Dakahlia governorate, specifically from the village of Burj Al-Hamam, Homs, which is affiliated with the Aja Center. Doctors called it “Cherubism,” a mysterious disease that completely changes facial features until some people came to the point that the patient wears a mask on his face, suffering experienced by brothers Ahmed and Youssef From a young age, after being infected with this disease and being exposed to the most horrific types of bullying on earth.

The father of the two children, Muhammad Abdel Azim, says, “Everyone who sees my children thinks that they are wearing masks on their faces, and some try to remove them from their faces without taking into account the feelings of my children or the deep psychological harm this will cause in the hearts of my children, so think of them wearing masks while they are playing with their friends.” He who knows them thinks and is accustomed to them that there are no problems, and whoever knows them will not bully them. “

A fake face mask .. this is a sick mask. ”Thus the grieving father continued his speech on the“ Fathy Show ”program,“ My children got sick early and I sold them to all hospitals and did all the tests and x-rays that the doctors requested from me, and they refused surgical intervention at the beginning on the pretext that their face was not complete And if the operation takes place and their features change, everything will change after the operation. My children have lived in isolation and confinement since they were born. They did not have the need for the matter. The first started with Muhammad and then Yusef..

He continued, “People think that we do not move and we are every day in a shape and governorate hospital, and in great suffering from transportation and expenses for x-rays, analyzes and operations, and all that we hear from doctors is this rare disease, the disease began with them and at the age of three years, and the symptoms of a tumor appeared in the face at first It was diagnosed as a benign tumor and not malignant, with tooth germination abnormal, misplaced and inconsistent..

I admit, “I am a worker in a glass workshop and could not cover the treatment needs, and I have another son named Saif, thank God, that he was not infected like his sisters, who is now 9 years old, and Ahmed, the first patient with the disease, has 14 years in the second grade of middle school and regular in the study and also excels. One day he becomes an atom scientist and socializes with his friends and tries to adapt to the situation he is in, and Joseph has 12 years in the elementary school in the sixth stage is introverted and loves isolation“.

My children make it difficult for me … No one has mercy on them or their disease has mercy … The children ran and saw us in the street and stared at us with bricks. ”Thus the sad mother began her conversation with“ Fathi Shaw ”,“ I am happy at night when one of them finds pain, and Mabqash knows how to do them, because all when I go to a doctor He also doesn’t know what he does, dana is expensive, and everyone with him is dear, surely I praise our Lord for the one in which I am day and night, in people who wish for me to travel and we cannot find them, but what is tired of me is how people look and treat my children. Please have mercy on them.

And she continued, “I have to go out with them because if I lock them up more than that, it will affect their psyche more than that. I have to answer a tock from the door of the house to the door of the house that I wind up so that no one can see them and let them go, and at one time I was so happy that some of our relatives who were in joy would not be happy.” They healed my children, they gripped them, ran after them, and lined them with bricks, and our work was a healer of joy. As for we went out of the country and the good people intervened“.

And she went on: “My soul is someone who diagnoses my children’s mental illness in a doctor who adopts their condition. They consider them your children. We are living in great torment. We have said for years, and no one feels between us. There are people who have the audacity to reach out to them by extending their hands on the faces of my children in order to take off the mask that is basically a disease mask that is not a mask.” To frighten people, have mercy on us, have mercy on us. My husband and children are tormented when they do this, and our psyche collapses. “.


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