They said “now” … the former head of “state security” reveals the details of Morsi and Abdel Atti’s call before “January 25”.


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Major General Hassan Abdel Rahman, former head of the State Security Service in 2011, congratulated and thanked all policemen on the occasion of the 69th holiday to the police, stressing that they had regained their strength and glory.

“Abd al-Rahman” said, during an intervention with the “On My Responsibility” program broadcast on “Echo of the Country”, that the last ten years have passed through stages, including black years under the leadership of the terrorist group, and some years in which the police have regained their strength, that the current stage is the stage of growth and growth.

He continued: “January 25, 2011 is a bad memory. The state was fighting the Brotherhood with all force, but the religious sentiment of the Egyptian people pushed them to sympathize with the group, but it was the opportunity to expose the group to the people and show it what it is.”

“Abd al-Rahman” revealed a call that took place between Muhammad Morsi and the Brotherhood Ahmed Abdel-Ati on January 23, and they were consulting about the group’s role on January 25, and Abdel-Aty said that “the brothers said now or now.” And he continued: “There were contacts with leaders in Turkey and it was done. “Directing the group to move, and permission was obtained from the prosecution to arrest those who participated in the plot.”

He added that the Brotherhood had hidden behind the youth, who were demanding legitimate demands, and took advantage of the situation with the April 6 militants and others, and agreed to participate without announcing the name of the group.

He emphasized that “January 28,” or Good Friday, arrangements were monitored by mosques to move in one go, and this has been done, indicating that State Security was in contact with the Brotherhood and there were directives for them and they would implement it to a certain extent and pretend to fully implement it.

Abdul-Rahman recommended not to lend any interest to the funding or client organizations and to throw them in the dustbin of history, and to ignore the organizations’ statements and calls.

He pointed out that the terrorist Mahmoud Ezzat was a treasure trove of information after he was seized, and he was the engine of all terrorist operations, stressing that he could not say that the Brotherhood had ended up in diaspora.

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