“They seek corruption on the ground” .. An Egyptian MP raises a crisis regarding artists in parliament


“It is not reasonable for every day to fall martyrs and let artists seek corruption on the ground,” words said by an Egyptian MP in the new parliament that sparked a crisis that reached the point of calling for the lifting of his immunity.

yesterday MP Riad Abdel Sattar sparked a wave of anger within the artistic community with his words that he said emotionally during a session Yesterday, it was devoted to discussing the law on victims of military and security operations, according to Egyptian media.

Yesterday, Sunday, the crisis began, during the speech of MP Riad Abdel Sattar, in the session, in which he demanded the contribution of businessmen and artists in supporting the Fund for Victims and Victims of War and Security Operations.

“It is not reasonable for the law to stipulate that a percentage of state employees be deducted. Where are the businessmen and where are the artists?” It is unreasonable for every day to fall martyrs and let artists seek corruption on the ground without paying the martyrs’ tax.

The crisis prompted the head of the Actors Syndicate, Ashraf Zaki, to ask the MP to apologize, stressing that what happened was unacceptable, and he escalated the matter to Parliament Speaker Hanafi al-Jabali.

But MP and Media Mustafa Bakri, announced on Twitter, that he communicated with Abdul Sattar, who denied that the intention of his speech in the House of Representatives was to offend serious artists.

Bakri quoted the MP as saying that he appreciates purposeful art and serious artists, and appreciates the role of art in serving society and respecting original values, and the deputy also expressed his apology for any misunderstanding that was mistakenly understood from his speech.

In an attempt to contain the situation, Abd al-Sattar presented, on Monday, an official apology for his “offensive” statements to artists, during the plenary session of the House of Representatives.

“We all appreciate purposeful art that positively affects people and changes their behavior for the better,” he said. “My goal is to thank purposeful art.”

He denied deliberately insulting art, justifying his previous statements that he was referring to artists who present works that incite immorality and immorality, stressing his respect and appreciation for meaningful art and artists who present purposeful works.

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