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Last week, the government implemented the decision of the Supreme Committee to Combat Coronavirus, which is related to reducing the daily attendance of employees in the state’s administrative apparatus. To limit the spread of the Coronavirus, in conjunction with the escalation of infection numbers, as the Human Resources Department of the departments and administrative units of the state prepared rotation schedules in the work of the presence of employees.

According to the decision that the ministries and governorates began to implement, it authorized the use of any workers who obtained exceptional leave according to the need for work and according to the vision of the heads; Whereas, the Prime Minister’s decision stipulated that vacations should not be a reason to affect the services provided to citizens.

The Ministry of Health suspends all medical staff vacations

The Ministry of Health is the ministry concerned with confronting the Coronavirus; So the holidays were treated differently; Where the Ministry of Health and Population decided to stop all licenses for medical staff in all hospitals and affiliated units. The decision included stopping granting or renewing licenses to doctors, nursing staff, technicians, administrators and all health sector workers, as part of the ministry’s plan to confront the second wave of the Coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health also decided to stop non-compulsory vacations, which include travel abroad, improving income or accompanying the husband, pointing out that these measures come in preparation for facing the second wave of the virus.

The Ministry of Education reveals its position on the exceptional leave

The Ministry of Education is one of the ministries that are most concerned with employees’ holidays. Which sent a leaflet to all educational directorates regarding exceptional leave.

The ministry stated that it was decided to activate the decision to allow those whose jobs allow them to work from home to perform the tasks of their jobs that they are assigned to without being at the workplace for the duration of the prime minister’s decision.

Provided that the rest of the employees perform their duties on a daily or weekly basis alternating between them, and the employee suffering from any chronic disease, according to what is confirmed in his job file, is granted exceptional leave throughout the validity period of this decision, and the employee with non-chronic diseases is granted exceptional leave for the same period according to a report issued From one of the government hospitals entitled to this leave, and the employee in contact with a contagious disease is granted leave for the period specified by the competent medical authority, and the employee who is pregnant or caring for one or more children under the age of 12 years is granted exceptional leave.

“Higher education”: cancellation of vacations (regular – casual)

The Ministry of Higher Education has taken a number of measures related to attendance, in the rotation of employees at the General Office of the Ministry of Higher Education and its affiliated bodies, to attend (two-thirds and one-third) two working weeks and a week of rest, provided that the attendance days are determined and adhered to, and it is not permissible to change them except in the interest of work.

The Ministry affirmed that no type of leave (regular – casual) is allowed during the period in which the employee is at work, and in case of extreme necessity those days are deducted from his rest days, provided that the periods of rotation are set on a schedule in which all management employees are signed with knowledge, and permits are prohibited. Character during the rotation period.

The Ministry of Higher Education prepared independent attendance and departure sheets, in contrast to the customary ones, indicating the names of the alternates every week, and the employee returning from abroad was granted an exceptional leave for a period of fifteen days starting from the date of his return (quarantine).

And the Ministry of Higher Education announced, in its plan, to grant the employee who was confirmed to be infected with the Coronavirus, contacts, or suspected of being infected by bringing the documents indicating this, an exceptional leave of not less than 14 days, and it is granted without a maximum until his complete recovery is proven, and the heads of sectors are authorized, each in His concern is to call the employees according to the need of work throughout the days of the week.

The Ministry affirmed that exceptional leave is considered paid leave in accordance with the provisions of Article 9 of the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 2112 for 2020.

Public universities and their hospitals

Universities have taken decisions to reduce employment; Where decisions do not apply to university hospital staff, except for administrators only. Benha University issued a decision granting the employees of the university’s public administration and its units and colleges, permission to exchange in two batches (at 50% of the workforce) with the necessity of the administrative leaderships to be present on an ongoing basis, taking into account the interest of work, without prejudice to the functional tasks assigned to any of the employees or departments, according to Due to the requirements of work need and the public interest, according to what the competent authority estimates for each unit of the university.

And at Ain Shams University, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Matini, President of Ain Shams University, issued a decision granting university employees alternate licenses, as of Sunday, January 3, 2021; As the employees of the general administration of the university and those working in the various colleges and units are granted leave in two batches; The first batch starts from Sunday to Thursday, January 7, and the second batch starts from Sunday, January 10, 2021 until Thursday, the 14 of the same month.

The employees of the General Administration of University Security, Civil Defense, the General Administration of Engineering Affairs, the General Administration of Administrative Affairs, the University Information Network, and the information technology units in the colleges are excluded from the decision, provided that the decision is renewed for a period of two following weeks, starting from January 17, 2021.

Al-Azhar Institutes … 5 decisions to deal with the second “Corona” wave

The Al-Azhar Institutes Sector issued 5 decisions, and it will be applied to all regions and Al-Azhar institutes, according to the following instructions:

1 – That the presence of teachers and all workers on a rotating basis, so that his attendance is three days a week.

2- Exceptional leaves are applied according to the decision of the Prime Minister, and the head of work has the right to summon them according to the work need.

3- The commitment of all teachers to communicate with their students through social communication; To review the school curriculum, this is followed up by the mentors and a detailed report is prepared.

4- Granting exceptional leave to pregnant women from the sixth month and to those who have children under 8 years old.

5- The results that are not added to the total are counted, and students have been tested and approved.

Local development: reducing the workforce by 50%

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi, Minister of Local Development, issued a decision to reduce the work force in the ministry and the sectors and departments outside the General Bureau by 50% of the power exchanged, including women who care for children under 12 years old and people with chronic diseases, and the heads of sectors and central departments in the ministry may use any of the workers Take exceptional leave according to business needs.

Central Organization and Administration: 60% daily attendance

The Central Agency for Organization and Administration has begun to reduce staff attendance; That does not exceed two working days per week from the actual working days, for each employee; Where the heads of the central departments of the agency were directed, provided that the daily attendance rate is not less than 60% of the number of employees at the level of each department, provided that these instructions are adhered to in a way that ensures that the agency continues to carry out its tasks and does not prejudice the services entrusted to it, especially the urgent projects it undertakes Device at present; In order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in achieving the targeted completion rates.

Cairo Governorate

Major General Khaled Abdel-Al, Governor of Cairo, decided to reduce the number of workers by 50%, and the decision included workers at the Governorate General’s Office and all neighborhoods and their affiliated bodies alternately according to work requirements and according to the vision of each administrative authority head and what he thinks in favor of work.

Body hygiene

Major General Ihab Al-Sharshaby, head of the Cairo Cleaning and Beautification Authority, issued a decision to reduce the authority’s administrative staff by 50%, and to operate a rotation system between workers. Where the decision applies to administrators only, as the authority is one of the service bodies that require field presence.


Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, issued directives to divide the employees of the General Office, neighborhoods, centers and cities, the city of Giza, and service directorates to attend work by a rate of no less than 50% by rotation, and the workers in field departments, which include workers in occupations, engineering departments, field follow-up, security, operations, parking lots and squares are excluded from the decision. Facilities, roads, cleanliness … and other departments that require field presence and according to the discretion of the head of each agency; To ensure that the efficiency of services provided to citizens is not affected.

The instructions of the Governor of Giza included the daily presence of heads of central departments, general directors and directors of departments; To ensure the regularity of work without breaching.

Assiut Governorate

Major General Essam Saad, Governor of Assiut, issued Decree No. 1794 of 2020 to protect the safety and health of workers. By rotating among them in a manner that does not affect the progress of work and the provision of services to citizens; Where the decision is authorized according to the vision of the local director or the direct manager of each agency and the nature of the work, especially the service directorates, and in a manner that does not prejudice or affect the provision of all services to the entity, especially the precautionary and preventive measures against the Corona pandemic, and this decision does not apply to the occupants of the position of a general manager or director of administration In the aforementioned destinations.

The second article of the decision stipulates that workers suffering from chronic diseases with complications that prevent them from working, pregnant women and employees infected with Coronavirus will be granted exceptional sick leave according to an approved medical report, in accordance with the procedures and rules mentioned in the circular issued by the Public Authority for Health Insurance No. 8 of 2020.

The decision included granting the employee returning from abroad an exceptional leave for a period of fifteen days starting from the date of return, in addition to the commitment of all workers and citizens who are frequenting all governmental and non-governmental establishments while they are there to fulfill their interests with all precautionary and preventive measures to confront the spread of the Corona virus; Foremost among which is the concern for social distancing and the avoidance of crowding, as well as the complete commitment to wearing protective masks while decisively implementing all the decisions contained in Prime Minister Decree No. 2701 of 2020.

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