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Today, the Earth is reaching the closest distance in its orbit around the Sun, which is known as the “perihelion point”.

The Astronomical Society in Jeddah said, on its official Facebook page, that the Earth will be at perigee at 01:51 pm GMT.

The association added: “The distance between the center of the earth and the sun will be 147.093.162 kilometers, and this is five million kilometers less compared to what the distance will be six months from now when it reaches the” apogee “(the farthest distance from the sun), where the Earth will be 152.100.533 million kilometers away. From the sun on July 5th. “

She explained that the difference in the distance between the perihelion and aphelion is not large, because the Earth’s orbit around the sun is almost circular, and also the distance is not responsible for the occurrence of the four seasons, but the tilt of the earth’s axis of rotation around itself is the reason..

She mentioned that the North Pole is tilted away from the sun during the winter season, while it is tilted toward the sun during the summer, and although the approach and distance of the Earth is not responsible for the occurrence of the seasons, this affects the length of those seasons..


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