Top 7 .. Ghada Adel promoted the movie The Cave … and sources: Hanin Hussam and the affection of Al Adham will not be released.


A paragraph was offered Top 7 The evening, which is broadcast on the seventh day television, prepared by Rami Nawar and presented by Dalia Khalifa, the most prominent 7 news over the past 24 hours, and you can follow it on the official pages of “The Seventh Day” on social networking sites.

Today’s bulletin headlines included from Top 7 News

Sources: Hanin Hussam and Mawaddah Al-Adham will not be released

Official sources confirm that Hanin Hussam and Mawaddah Al Adham, the Tik Tok girls, will not be released despite their innocence in the case of the violation of family values ​​that was issued by Imarah, and that they are accused in another case related to.

It came in the headlines of today’s news bulletin «Top 7

», Ghada Adel is promoting her new movie” The People of the Cave “with a poster highlighting her personality.

Where the star Ghada Adel promoted her new movie “The People of the Cave”, and published a poster for her through her Instagram account, in which she appeared in the form of queens, and the comments of her followers who praised the picture and confirmed their waiting for the film were flooded with her..

In world news headlines, the US authorities arrested a man who threatened to “hang” 6 Congressmen

Where the US authorities arrested a man who left messages to 6 congressmen on December 16 and 17, in which he said: “Trump is your president, if you do not stand behind him, we will hang you until you die.”

In local sports headlines, Ashraf Kassem: We apply the list … and there are no announced penalties for Zamalek players

Ashraf Qasim, the football supervisor in Zamalek, confirmed that the club applies the entire list to the players, whether rewards or penalties, in secret, and in the event of a penalty against any player, it will be announced.

On world news, Harry and Megan stop using social media

Russell Myers, the royal expert, confirmed that Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle stopped using social media to “protect their content” after signing a deal worth 100 million pounds sterling with NetflixAndSpotify..

It came in the headlines of today’s news bulletin «Top 7

», The government calls on players in the English Premier League not to celebrate goals

Where the British government asked English Premier League players to apply precautionary measures to limit the outbreak of the Corona virus, and asked the players not to celebrate the goals in a gathering manner.

In the titles of the bulletin, “Corona” is the word for increasing cosmetic operations in South Korea.

Where a plastic surgery site in South Korea reported a huge increase in plastic surgery recently due to the presence of citizens in home quarantine to prevent corona, and this made it easier to perform cosmetic procedures that require covering the face.


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