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he met Donald Trump House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, on Thursday, at his luxurious Florida residence, in an indication of the former US president’s continued influence on his camp despite strong criticism of his role in the bloody attack on the Capitol.

Save America, a political action committee close to Trump, said the victory over Democrats in the House of Representatives in 2022 was the main topic of the meeting at Trump’s Club in Maralago in Palm Beach.

The committee considered that “President Trump’s popularity has never been stronger than it is today, and his support for him is perhaps more important than ever.”

McCarthy, the ally who defended Trump’s baseless allegations of fraud in the presidential election, later distanced himself from the Republican billionaire after Trump was accused of encouraging his supporters to storm the Capitol.

McCarthy announced that Of the bygones He is the winner of the November elections, and that Trump “bears responsibility for the (January 6) attack on Congress”.

On Thursday, however, it seemed as though McCarthy had come close to Trump again, and the two men appeared smiling without masks.

“Today, President Trump pledged to help Republicans in the House and Senate in 2022” during the upcoming elections, McCarthy wrote in a statement.

He added, “The united conservative movement will strengthen the bonds of our citizens and support the freedoms on which our country was founded.”

For her part, Democratic Representative Catherine Clark expressed her shock that McCarthy was re-allying with Trump after the “incendiary” attack in the Capitol.

On Wednesday, Trump evaded conviction became more likely after nearly all Republican senators indicated they were against his prosecution, and efforts to place the blame for him were strengthened after the looting of the Capitol building.

Democratic Senator Tim Kane acknowledged on Wednesday that acquitting Trump was highly possible, saying he was instead preparing a bipartisan decision to place blame on the former president.

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