Types of headaches that require immediate medical attention


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Types of headaches that require immediate medical attention


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In a TV interview, Dr. Alexander Evdokimov, a neurologist, revealed the types of headaches that pose health risks and require immediate medical attention.

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And the doctor indicates that a sudden headache accompanied by an increase in heart rate, shortness of breath, sweating and red eyes, may be a sign of high blood pressure.

“The complications of high blood pressure crisis are stroke and heart attack, and with high blood pressure the risk increases. So if the blood pressure does not drop within an hour, an ambulance should be called,” he says, explaining.

And the specialist adds, persistent headaches may indicate changes in blood flow to the brain, and this in turn is one of the signs of cancer development. Therefore, it is recommended to undergo a comprehensive medical examination, to rule it out or diagnose it at an early stage.

The specialist notes that the headache may be due to an infectious disease such as meningitis or encephalitis. In this case, you should seek medical help immediately, to avoid serious consequences.

Source: Novosti


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