Urgent | Good news from health insurance for this category of citizens: leave of 3 months


With the increase in the number of Corona infections, and the entry of Egypt into the second wave, concern increased for a number of citizens who are more vulnerable to infection with the virus due to their health and sickness, including the elderly, people with chronic diseases, and pregnant women.

With the government activating the exceptional leave system in a number of institutions and sectors, the Health Insurance Authority announced granting exceptional leave to pregnant women in the seventh month, the end of the sixth, until the date of birth, in the interest of their health, and as a precautionary measure. To prevent the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

Evidence of the history of pregnancy must be submitted through ultrasound and a clinical examination, to be completed Granting these leave from the general and subsidiary medical committees without exception, provided that these instructions are to be applied temporarily for a period of 3 months from the beginning of this year.


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