Video .. a message from the “golden girl of Egypt” after the historical achievement


Close Mayar Sharif In exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”, hours after the great victory: “I thank all Egyptians, my family and my work team. I thank everyone who stood next to me to achieve this historic achievement.”“.

Sherif, who is dubbed the “golden girl of Egypt”, added, “I have a great ambition in the coming period in the sport of tennis, as I want to reach the ranks of adults and the list of the top 100 players in the world“.

And she was Egyptian tennis player Last month, she was named “Most Successful Player of the Year 2020” from the International Tennis Federation, who benefited from a scholarship the Grand Slam, Due to its rapid progress within the world rankings and being considered an achievement in the history of her country.

Mayar, ranked 128 in the world, won the Best Sports Achievement Award for the year 2020 by the Egyptian Olympic Committee, amid praise from the Minister of Sports Ashraf Sobhi, who had previously expressed his admiration for the performance of the Egyptian star in tennis courts, during major international participations..

Last September, she became the first Egyptian female player to reach the main role in a tournament.Roland Garros“, One of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, after winning two sets in the preliminary round final, during her confrontation with Italian Julia Monteconi, ranked 156 in the world.

And last November, I reaped American Tennis Championships, “Charleston”After defeating Polish player Katrzina Kawa, to turn the twenty-year-old girl into an icon for Egyptian players and girls.

More than a year ago, Mayar Sharif qualified for Tokyo Olympics Which will be held in the summer of 2021, after winning the African Games in Morocco, and thus became the first Egyptian tennis player to participate in the international sporting event.


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