Video | Samir Sabry: Souad Hosni, I fought by accident and it is impossible to commit suicide


1:37 PM

Sunday 17 January 2021

I wrote – Mona Al-Moji:

Artist Samir Sabry said that the television program he made after the death of “Cinderella”, Suad Hosni, and filmed him in the place where she died, was intended to be achieved, not to be investigated.

Samir continued in his interview with the journalist Amr Al-Laithi on the “One of the People” program: “I left the investigation of the death of Suad Hosni. According to the British and Egyptian forensic report, there is no fracture in the body, only a trauma to the brain and blue bruises in different parts of the body, and I think impossible. One woman, who has 58 years, falls from the sixth floor or falls without a break, which makes me think that she died in the apartment due to quarrels for some reason, and Ichalt on the basis that they are disposing of her and crying her down the house.

He added, “I came to me by chance. I killed, not intended to be killed. The six owner of the apartment was taking drugs, and I think people were coming to take money from it, and there were quarrels, and Souad intervened. The owner of the apartment told me, my love of my heart died as long as my eyes are here, I say you said you said here she told me No.

He concluded, “Always in response to this question, for me, Soad Hosni, the well of deprivation and the other wife, let your mind be on Zuzu, and Amira, my love, I am. They are the wonderful films that you will ask us and leave what happened.”

Soad Hosni left our world on June 21, 2001, and her death remained mysterious, between some confirming her suicide, and others pointing to a hidden hand that killed her and threw her from the balcony of her friend’s home in England.


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