Video | “The whole family was charred.” What happened in “The Prairie Fire”?


10:27 PM

Tuesday 26 January 2021

Books – Mahmoud Al-Saeed:

Eyewitnesses revealed the details of the killing of 5 members of one family (a father, a mother and 3 of their children), while only one child survived.

“At 7 in the morning, we heard distress from an apartment on the second floor,” said an eyewitness who lives in the property where the fire was located, adding that he and a number of neighbors jogged to the source of the sound as they saw a fire break out in their neighbor’s apartment on the second floor.

The witness added, in statements to Masrawy, that he and others tried to open the door of the apartment, but they failed.

“They are all charred.”

A second eyewitness says about the accident, that as soon as the firefighters came, they used a hydraulic ladder to extinguish the fire from the balcony, and others broke the door and entered, and after half an hour passed they managed to extinguish it. “We found the whole family charred.” .

And about the survival of a lonely girl from the family, he indicated that she crossed the kitchen of the apartment and jumped out of the window in the shining area of ​​the property, where she was only bruised and after receiving treatment in the hospital, she returned home Tuesday evening.

The prosecution declared that the bodies of the deceased should be buried, and requested the forensic laboratory report about the incident.

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