Video .. World Health reveals a new virus that is caused by bats


Dr. Rana Al-Hajjah, Director of Programs Department at the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean, commented on the question “There is a man in France aged 60 years who was scratched by a bat, then after that a brain infection and died .. Is there a new virus spreading because of bats?” .

Video of the World Health Organization’s response to the new virus caused by bats

She confirmed that there are many diseases that appear due to bats, and also one of the most dangerous of these diseases is the “dog” disease. There are many dangerous diseases that came because of the disease, including Corona, and as for the new virus, no results have appeared so far.

She also completed during a telephone interview in the “DMC Evening” program presented by the journalist Ramy Sabry, saying that there are many studies currently being conducted in France on every person, and also there are many studies currently on those recovering from the virus to find out the presence of antibodies.

Also, the period during which the antibody activity continues inside the body because a person is not infected with the Coronavirus, and also there are many studies that said 8 months and in many cases less and in many cases it increases, and attention was drawn to the fact that many people must adhere to all measures. Precaution, and also that the organization will issue a statement that is in the event that anything final is reached.


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