Wafaa Sadiq: Abla Kamel traveled to the “Mahashi” and Hanan left a “turkey” in a Sunni joy


Actress Wafa Sadiq said, location filming the series “I will not live in my father’s jilbab” was originally a farm of chicks and the isolation was in the location of the filming was with cartons of eggs, and Abla Kamel was accompanied by a Sunni Farah “Al-Mahashi” and Hanan Turk was present “Al-Deek Al-Roumi”“.

Wafa Sadiq added during her meeting on the program “Your Excellency,” for the media, Esaad Younes, Soheir Al-Barouni, she loved to eat tomatoes and onions a lot.

The series “I will not live in my father’s jilbab” starring the late artist Nour Al-Sharif and the great artist Abla Kamel, Muhammad Riad, Hanan Turk, Manal Salama, Wafa Sadiq and Nahed Rushdie, and its events revolve around the story of the rise from the bottom to the top, so Abdul Ghafoor Al-Barai begins “Nour al-Sharif” his life from Haji Ibrahim Sardine Agency “Abd al-Rahman Abu Zahra”, one of the major merchants at Al-Balah Agency. Abdel Ghafour, and Mahfouz “Mustafa Metwally”, the only son of Haj Sardine who deliberately humiliated and insulted him.

Abdul Ghafour admires Fatima “Abla Kamel”, the seller of Koshary, who exchanges admiration for him and tries to help him in his difficult journey. He marries Fatima and gives birth to his son Abdel-Wahab “Mohamed Riad”, and four Sunni daughters, Bahira, Nafisa and Nazira.

It is noteworthy that the program “Your Excellency”, presented by the media, Esaad Younes, on Monday and TuesdaydmcAt eleven oclock in the evening.


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