Watch … the most beautiful 10 pictures of the artist, Malik Kora, on her birthday


Today, Monday, the young artist Malik Koura celebrates her birthday, as she was born on January 11, 1993, and began working at the age of seven with a group of advertisements and was subsequently chosen to participate in children’s programs, including the “Yalla Bina” program.

After that, she began presenting a group of programs, including “educational programs in English”, and after her success in presenting the programs, she sang “Oh Our Library” at Reading for All Festival.

In early 2005, she was chosen by the artist Mohamed Fouad and her sister Maryam to participate in the movie “Ghawi Hob”. Malak Koura participated in the starring of several series, including: Shams, Waad, Halat Ishq, Khalsana Bashyaka, Noor Al-Sabah, I want a solution, Qanoun Al Maraghi, The Seven Sins, Hikaya “Who turned off the light” from the series “My share and I divided”.

The actress, Malik Qura, joined the family of the series “Flat 6”, starring Ruby and directed by Mahmoud Kamel, and it is one of the 15 episodes of work to be shown on a digital platform during the coming period, and its events take place in an atmosphere of suspense and terror in a building and something happens inside an apartment that changes the lives of neighbors.

The series “Flat” 6, written by Rafiq Al-Qadi, Mahmoud Waheed, Souad Al-Qadi, and Nabil Shuaib, directed by Mahmoud Kamel, and starring Ruby, Sherif Salama, Sayed Ragab, Ahmed Badair, Mahmoud Al-Bazawi, Salah Abdullah and Hamza Al-Ali, and the producing company is making the rest of the contracts in preparation for the start of filming During the coming days.


King of Qura


King of Qora with an elegant look


King of Qura


King of Qura with a summer view


King of Qura


King of Qura with a summer view



King of Qura


King of Qura


King of Kora in a picture on the sea


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