What are the reasons for the rise in the value of Bitcoin? .. Experts reveal the reason


The most popular cryptocurrency in the world crossed the barrier of $ 35,000 for the first time on Saturday, and touched a record high of $ 35,879 the next day.

And about the reasons for the high value BitcoinAccording to the “Business Insider” website, investors continue to bet that the digital currency is on its way to becoming a popular asset.

The rise in the value of the digital currency began at the end of last October with the launch of the giant electronic payments company.PayPal“Cryptocurrency buying, selling and paying service.”

In addition to this service for individuals, investment funds are increasingly interested in this asset that is characterized by sudden price movements.

The importance of this currency is also derived from the fact that it lacks a center to decide on it, as it emerged from a network launched by unknown persons in 2008 and remained unaffiliated with any financial institution.

David Grider, a digital asset analyst, said that conditions are ripe for the appreciation of Bitcoin, adding, “We believe that 2021 will be closer to what happened in 2017, meaning that this currency will witness an equivalent appreciation.”

He continued, “I expect it to arrive Cryptocurrency To at least $ 40,000 next year .. It will now continue to rise widely over the next six months. Continuous demand leads to an increase in positive momentum.

The value is witnessing the formation of many fluctuations, as in 2017, its value approached a thousand dollars, and then witnessed a rise over the following months before achieving a boom between mid-November and mid-December of the same year, which was reflected by doubling the value 4 times.

On December 18, 2017, its value rose to $ 20,000, in an event that was followed by a decline in prices throughout 2018 and finally stabilizing at $ 3,000.


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