What did the world giants do in their last preparations before the World Cup?


Although a few days remain for the start of the World Handball Championship, which is hosted by Egypt from January 13 to 31, the European teams are still busy with official competitions, as they compete in two rounds of qualifying for the European Handball Championship.

Hungary and Slovakia will host the European Handball Championship next year, a tournament that has confused the qualifying schedule, due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

The European continent is the dominant one without a competitor in the handball game. Throughout the history of the tournament, a non-European team qualified for the semi-finals of the World Championship except on two occasions, the first was when the Egyptian team appeared in the golden square of the 2001 World Championship in French territory, before the Tunisian team repeated The same achievement among its fans in 2005.

The second phase of the qualifying rounds for the European Championship began last November, and the current January witnessed the third round of qualifiers.

The French team is the most crowned team in the world championship “6 times” and crowned four times in the last six editions. It faced its Serbian counterpart in two matches in the first group in the qualifiers, the latter winning the first 27-24, while they tied yesterday in the second confrontation 26-26.

The French national team won the bronze medal in the last World Championships in 2019, while it collapsed to fourteenth place in the European Championship last year.

The German national team, fourth in the last World Championships and fifth in the European Championship, swept their Austrian counterpart 36-27 to continue their dominance at the top of Group B in European qualifiers.

The Norwegian national team is one of the strongest candidates to compete for the World Championship title in Egyptian territory, after it occupied the last edition and bronze in the last European Championship, surprisingly lost to Belarus by a score of 33-25 five days ago, before it was considered a 27-19 victory over the same team two days ago, Within the sixth group competitions.

Many teams did not participate in the qualifiers during last January, to start their competitions last November, or for reasons related to the spread of the new Corona virus, most notably the Danish team that holds the world championship, Sweden and the Czechs, Egypt’s rivals in the group of landowners in the world championship, along with Chile.


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