WhatsApp: The online application extends the time limit for approval


10:02 AM

Saturday, January 16, 2021

London- (BBC):

WhatsApp extended the deadline by which its 1 billion users must agree to new terms and conditions for using it or discontinuing use of the service.

The original deadline was February 8, but users now have until May 15 to make the right decision for them.

The company has been criticized for sending the notice that appears to indicate changes to the data it will share with its parent company Facebook, and has said there has been “confusion” about its message.

Since the advertisement and notifications appeared on its platform, millions of people around the world have downloaded alternative encrypted messaging applications such as “Signal” and “Telegram”.

In a blog, WhatsApp said that personal messages were always encrypted and would remain private. He added that his practice of sharing some user data with Facebook is not new and will not expand.

“The update includes new options that people will have to send messages to a company on WhatsApp, and it provides more transparency about how data is collected and used,” the company said.

And in a previous FAQ post, WhatsApp explained that the data it already shares with other Facebook companies includes:

Phone number and other information provided upon registration (such as name).

Information about your phone, including the make, model and mobile company.

Your “IP” address, which indicates the location of your Internet connection.

Any payments and financial transactions made via WhatsApp.

But this does not apply in Europe and the United Kingdom, where there are different privacy laws. WhatsApp extended the deadline by which its 1 billion users must agree to the new terms and conditions for using or stopping using the service.

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