Yasmine Sabry reveals the gifts and aspects of her birthday celebrations from inside her home … Video


The star Yasmine Sabry celebrated her birthday, which falls on Thursday, at her home, where she reviewed on a video site through her Instagram account the gifts that were presented to her from those close to her.

Jasmine appeared on her face with happiness and joy, when reviewing the aspects of her birthday, as she adorned the house with colorful balloons, decorations, and helium balloons printed on her name and pictures, in addition to the Christmas gifts that her close friends gave her on this occasion.


Today, Thursday, is the birthday of the star Yasmine Sabry, who was born in the governorate of Alexandria, and began her artistic life in the “Steps of the Devil” program, after which she participated in many dramas such as “Jabal Al-Halal” and “My Way” until she became a heroine at the top of the cinematic works And televsion.


Yasmine Sabry is one of the most interacting stars on social media, as she shares her audience almost daily with her looks through her travels and various events that she is keen to attend, and the star maintains on a daily basis her practice of sport, which is always shown through her Instagram account. Where Yasmine sports activities vary between gym, yoga, running and difficult movements, which makes the audience interact with her, and praises her agility and preservation of her athletic body.


Last Ramadan, Yasmine Sabry presented the series “A Second Chance”, dealing with the drama of Mohamed Sayed Bashir, written by Mustafa Gamal Hashem, directed by Markus Adel and produced by Synergy Company, and starring Yasmine Sabry, Ahmed Magdy, Ayten Amer, Heba Magdy, Diab, Edward, Mahmoud El-Bazawy, Heba Abdel Ghani. Sarah Al-Shamy, Muhammad Abu Dawood, Ahmad Al-Shamy, Nihal Anbar, Omar Al-Shennawi, Muhammad Jumaa.




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