You will not believe | This famous artist died in front of the camera while filming a movie


Not only did the artists and actresses dazzle us in front of the cameras while presenting their artworks, but the details of their lives are also enough to dazzle as they contain surprises and unexpected things.

Today we publish information to you that little is known about, its hero is a very famous artist, who participated in a large number of films in the era of beautiful art, in addition to the plays.

This artist loved art and cinema very much, and surprisingly, he died in front of the camera while filming one of his films, but he did not complete it, and his spirit rose to its creator.

It is the artist Hussein Riad who participated in 150 works of art that immortalized his name in the sky of art after his departure, and we have the anniversary of his birth yesterday.

The truth is that the death of Hussein Riad was very strange. As if from his love for art and the camera, his life ended in front of her, as he During the filming of his role in the movie “A Night of the Wedding” with Suad Hosni and Ahmed Mazhar, he fell and died of a heart attack, and did not complete the rest of his scenes.

Hussein Riad
Hussein Riad


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