Youssef: I chose Max to restrict Al-Ahly


Mohamed Youssef, the technical director of the National Bank, confirmed that he chose the Max Stadium in Alexandria to narrow the spaces for Al-Ahly, in the match that ended in a negative tie between them in the Egyptian Premier League on Sunday evening.

Youssef said, in the host of the “Awdat al-Dress” program on the “Al-Nahar” channel in the early hours of Tuesday morning: “Al-Ahly is a big and ancient club. I worked with what I learned and the concepts and ideas that are in Al-Ahly.”

He added, “The point is a gain for the National Bank, which has promoted to the Premier League and is running for the first time in its history. The match will be a cornerstone for building the character of the team. The point came after God’s success as a result of the players effort. ”

He continued: “It is just a match, but it will give us confidence, and we will speak in a different tone with the players so as not to give the matter more than its size, especially since the journey is still long and we need a lot of time for harmony under the different circumstances of the matches.”

Regarding the reason for choosing Al-Max Stadium, Youssef affirmed: “I wanted to play in Petrosport, and I thought about playing outside Cairo. Ceramica plays in Suez and Pyramids in air defense, so I preferred to choose in the end between Burj Al Arab and Al Max.”

He explained: “I trained Al-Ahly for long periods and I know that the team needs spaces to create opportunities, but the Max is a narrow stadium and the ground will be good for the two teams, which helped me apply my game by narrowing the spaces for Al-Ahly.”

He stressed: “Al-Ahly previously played on Al-Max and managed to win against Haras Al-Hodoud, but the match was difficult. He also won the league in 2009 after defeating Al-Tale’aa Al-Jaish, before he resorted to a decisive match against Al-Ismaili and won the title.”

The coach of the National Bank said, “I was expecting that Al-Ahly would start with Walter Bwalia or Mohamed Sharif in the attack, and I was surprised by Mosimane’s decision to rely on Walid Suleiman from the start of the match, but the team definitely has more than one player who can make the difference.”


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