YouTube deletes the song “Fink Ya Habibi” by Mohamed Mounir


The YouTube administration deleted the song “Fink Ya Habibi” that King Muhammad Mounir presented 3 days ago, and it is considered one of the songs that Al-King re-introduces and revives again, as part of a project he started many years ago. The song is one of the most famous songs of the late Nubian singer Bahr Abu Greisha. He was called the King of Egyptian Blues Music, and this song was released on his album “Kefaya Baad”, written and composed by the Nubian poet Abdel Aziz Zine El Abidine and distributed by Amir Mahrous.

The song has mixed music between Arabic and Nubian, and it moved from the south to the north at that time through merchants traveling from southern Egypt to the north, and Bahr Abu Greisha is considered from the Nubian origins of the village of Qarsha in Nubia, he has 9 albums, most of them from his words and melodies he presented during his artistic career since 1977 Until 1990, Munir considers this song a message of love, appreciation and immortalization for the present absentee, the artist Bahr Abu Greisha, and Munir announced his gift of this song also to the soul of his sister-in-law, his cousin, and his late business manager Mahmoud Aba Zaid, whose first memory came a few days ago.

King Muhammad Mounir released the song “Fink Ya Habibi”, which is the second song from his new album “Bab Al Jamal”, which will be released soon. It is written and composed by Abdel Aziz Zain Al Abidin and distributed by Amir Mahrous, producer of Yasser Hussein’s outlet.

The King Muhammad Mounir launched his new song, “Bab Al-Jamal”, via YouTube and the song was written by Ahmed Hassan Raoul, composed by Samer Abu Talib, and distributed by Omar Ismail in their first collaboration with Munir. He recorded, sound engineering and master Amir Mahrous, and the lyrics of the song read:

The door of beauty … The first thing that came … We closed a trapeze

And the heart is money .. and she was very skilled at dancing

My heart thundered .. beat the drum .. Sing and hang around

Top of joy is set on her .. before they measure up

And the one who does not have an account .. Love drunk us

And we who said love is torture … and his statement made us drunk

The Latina girl … was able to us … in our thoughts

Time ceased … the first thing that was blinking and guided

And the mind flew … we lived in a siege … when the beautiful one excepted

The speech was lost, and the vault turned suddenly in intensity

We answered, touching the shoulders of salvation .. I finished the last several

Muhammad Mounir’s album contains songs other than Bab al-Jamal, which are: “Fink Ya Habibi” from the words and composed by Abdel Aziz Zain Al-Abidin, the distribution of Amir Mahrous, “Ana Raiq”, the words of Nour Al-Din Muhammad, composed by Ahmed Ammar, the distribution of Osama Al-Hindi, and “Zouk”, the words of Magdy Naguib. And composed by Wajih Aziz and arranged by Roman Punka, and “The Issue of Age” written by Salah Fayez, composed by Hany Shenouda, and distributed by Roman Punka.


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