Zamalek leads the league with a goalless draw with Aswan


The Zamalek team tied negatively with Aswan in the match that brought them together this evening, Saturday, at Petrosport Stadium in the ninth round of the Premier League competition, so that the white knight overtook the top of the league by losing two points and being content with reaping one point.

With this result, Zamalek is ranked second with 20 points from 8 games, winning 6 and drawing 2, and its players scored 12 goals, and two goals were netted, leaving a postponed match against Al-Ahly from the fourth round of the league, and the red genie returns to the top of the league with 20 points and goal difference About white.

Aswan ranks 13th with 7 points, after playing 8 matches, winning 2, drawing 2 and losing 4, and its players scored 4 goals and scored 9 goals.

First half events

The first half began with intense pressure from Zamalek, and in the 3rd minute, the referee, Mohamed Youssef, canceled a goal scored by Mustafa Mohamed after returning to the mouse technique, and after the 6th minute, the Aswan team began attempts to enter the match atmosphere, but to no avail.

In the 19th minute, Mostafa Mohamed hit a header that hit the goalkeeper of Omar Radwan, Aswan goalkeeper, and Al-Abyad’s possession and control of the match continued, and in the 24th minute, Imam Ashour fired a missile shot by the Aswan goalkeeper and turned it into a corner kick. 29 but she came over the bar.

In the 33rd minute, Muhammad Osama, the Aswan player, almost scored the goal of progress for his team after he shot a perfect ball at Zamalek’s goal and Muhammad Abu Jabal deflected it brilliantly, and in the 42nd minute Obama hit a header that hit the left post from the inside and bounced back to the goalkeeper who kept it away from his goal, and in the 44th minute Zamalek missed another goal opportunity after Bin Sharqi passed the ball to Mostafa Mohamed and did not succeed in shooting it on the goal.

Events of the second half

With the start of the second half, Zamalek’s pressure continued, and in the 52nd minute, Yusef Obama wasted an opportunity for an investigator after he hit the ball above Aswan’s goal, and in the 56th minute Abu Jabal responded to a dangerous cross ball sent by Halawani.

In the 62nd minute, Alaa Abdel-Al made two substitutions, with John Avery and Mohamed Osama, and Ahmed Khaled and Amr Nasser descended, and in the 66th minute, Mostafa Mohamed hit a typical header that hit the Aswan goalkeeper, and in the 68th minute Hazem Imam came out and Mahmoud Shikabala entered.

In the 70th minute, Ahmed Al-Alfi almost scored the goal of progressing to Aswan after brilliantly passing the Zamalek defense, but he hit the ball above the goal, and in the 73rd minute, Mahmoud Hamdy Al-Wensh fell after an air contact with the Aswan player, and went out to fry the treatment and then returned to the pitch again.

In the 77th minute, Mustafa Muhammad hit a header that went over the goal, then Shikabala shot a ball from outside the penalty area that passed away from the goal, and in the 82nd minute, Yusef Obama went out and Osama Faysal entered instead, and Imam Ashour received the yellow card in the 84th minute for interfering with Ahmed El Alfi roughly And in the 90th minute, Osama Faysal missed an opportunity for a detective goal, and in the 92nd minute, Ferjani Sassi and Hussein Faysal entered the place of Imam Ashour and Ashraf bin Sharqi.

Form the two teams

Zamalek played the match with a formation consisting of .. Goalkeeper: Muhammad Abu Jabal, the defensive line: Hazem Imam – Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wansh – Muhammad Abdul-Ghani – Ahmed Fattouh, the midfield: Tariq Hamid – Imam Ashour – Ahmed Sayed Zizou – Youssef Obama – Bin Sharqi Offensive line: Mustafa Mohamed

The substitutes sat on the bench: Muhammad Awwad – Muhammad Abd al-Salam – Abdullah Jumah – Hamza al-Mathlouthi – Farajani Sassi – Islam Jaber – Mahmoud Abd al-Raziq Shikabala – Hussein Faisal – Osama Faisal.

While the Aswan formation included .. goalkeepers: Omar Radwan, defense line: Ahmed Safi, Muhammad Khalifa, Muhammad Osama, Amr Al-Halawani, and midfielders: Mahmoud Shabana, Muhammad Jaber, John Avery, Haitham Al-Fil, Ahmed Saghiri, the offensive line: Solmon Mensah.

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