Zamalek: We did not delegate an agent to negotiate with Saint Etienne


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek Club, revealed the scenes of the French club Saint-Etienne’s negotiations with his club in order to include Mustafa Mohamed during the current winter transfer period.

A member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek Club said on the “Ontime Sports 2” screen early today, Saturday: “At the beginning, Jimmy Pacheco, Zamalek’s coach, confirmed that he needed a player, but he would not stand in front of him if he received an offer from Europe.”

He stressed: “During our negotiations with Saint Etienne, there was no agent negotiating in our name. The beginning of the negotiations was on January 3, and we spoke for half an hour and set our conditions.”

He continued: “Saint-Etienne was negotiating through the vice president of the club and offered us to pay four million dollars with one million dollars when sending the international card to the player.”

And he continued: “After these negotiations, we received an official letter from Saint Etienne, in violation of the terms that we agreed upon by paying the value of the deal in installments, which is to pay the first value two months after the contract to reject these conditions.”

He continued: “After we rejected the conditions of Saint Etienne, negotiations took place indirectly with the intervention of Mustafa Mohamed, who asked the administration to facilitate negotiations, and this is what happened by waiving the additions point about the team’s ascension to the European championships.”

He pointed out: “On the 12th of this month, the Zamalek administration sent an official letter to the French club, through which we asked for a response to our conditions, and in the event of no response on the same day, the negotiations will be officially ended.”

And about the Turkish Galata Saray offer, a member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek Club revealed: “The Turkish club negotiated through three people, starting with the president, the deputy and the sports director. But we refused this offer because it does not match the player’s capabilities. ”

He continued: “The Turkish club sent us a new offer by obtaining the player on loan, with the payment of one million dollars and four million dollars for the player’s final accession.”

He revealed: “We stipulated that Zamalek obtain from Galata Saray $ 2 million in return for loaning the player and five million dollars for the final sale of the player, with a clause that allows us not to activate the final purchase clause at the end of the sports season, hoping to market the player after his participation in the next Olympics. .

He ended: “The offer was stopped because of the player’s agent after he sent a letter to the Turkish club that his client refused to move to the Turkish team.”


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