Zamalek’s new deal | He clashed with Bencharki … he was accused of mocking Alen


11:33 AM

Sunday 31 January 2021

Cairo – Masrawy:

In a surprise move, Zamalek club announced the contract with Tunisian striker Seif El Din Al Jaziri after the white club had diverted from the Palestinian Mahmoud Wadi and Ghani Kwame Abuko to the former Al Muqawloon striker.

Al Jaziri has an outstanding football record, with the 27-year-old striker playing 188 matches, scoring 34 goals and 18 assists.

Al-Jaziri started his career with the football world in the ranks of the Tunisian Club Africain, joined him in the youth team of the Carthage Eagles, and played with him in the African Youth Championship in 2013 and crowned the tournament’s top scorer title before returning to his club and going out for a group of loans after his departure from participation.

Al-Jaziri’s chances of participating with the African squad diminished, so the striker asked to end the relationship. “I was looking for an opportunity to participate and prove their error in keeping me out of the squad, so I did not hesitate to accept Tantas offer.”

Al-Jaziri came to Egypt in September 2017 through Tanta Club, after a nomination by Abdel-Zahir El-Sakka, the sports director of the team at this time, to draw the striker’s attention by scoring 7 goals in 29 matches despite his team’s relegation this season.

Al-Jaziri left from Tanta after relegating to the second division with a complaint against, to go to the Tunisian Gabes stadium, and after only 6 months, the striker returned to Egypt again through the contractors gate, who paid a penalty clause of $ 200,000.

A crisis arose due to mutual complaints between Tanta, who accused the player of running away while the latter complained about not getting his dues. “I did not run away from Tanta, and if I fled Egypt, how would I return? The matter is in FIFA’s hands and I do not forget the moments I lived in Tanta as a people and a city and I thank everyone there.” .

Al-Mokawloon was not the only club targeting Al-Jaziri. Rather, El-Gouna Club was also seeking to sign the player, but it chose the mountain wolves. My ambition coincided with the El Mokawloon Club in the presence of Imad Al-Nahhas after we worked together in Tanta. Mohamed Salah and Mohamed Al-Nani, another offer available during this period. ”

Al-Jaziri performed with Al-Mokawloon SC in a wonderful season for the yellow club, in which he entered the Golden Square and qualified for the Confederation Championship, and against Zamalek, there was another story for Al-Jaziri that ended with his expulsion.

Al-Jaziri was accused of mocking Hamdi al-Naqaz and of deflecting Hussein al-Shahat to him, to which the player replied on Tunisian Radio Express, “Al-Naqaz and I were not friends, and we always had quarrels even if we were over coffee. Maybe some are not aware of this relationship and I think after our discussion on the stadium that we quarrel. .

Al-Jaziri was expelled in October 2019 after the end of the Zamalek and Al-Mokawloon match in the fifth week of the Premier League competition, following a clash with Ashraf bin Sharqi.

“Bin Sharqi was the one who attacked me, and I just turned to him so that the referee showed the red card in my face,” Jaziri told Tunisian Radio Express.

Seif El-Jaziri’s brilliance with the Arab Contractors prompted the Tunisian national team to summon him to the Carthage Eagles camp last September for the second time in its history after 2015, after scoring 11 goals in the Egyptian League, which brought them fourth in the scorers’ list.

Al-Jaziri believes that Abdullah Al-Saeed is the best player in Egypt, and his successor is Mohamed Magdy Qafsha. “Abdullah Al-Saeed is the best in Egypt.

The most difficult island situation in Egypt remains his infection with the new Corona virus (Covid-19) and the rumor of his deteriorating health, which the player denied before returning to the stadiums.

Jaziri scored two goals during his stay in Egypt in Al-Ahly in the Arab Contractors jersey and one goal in Zamalek in Qimis Tanta, which he considers among the best goals he scored during his professional career.

And Zamalek club obtained Al-Jaziri’s services on loan for a period of 6 months for 5 million pounds, with a clause entitled to final purchase.


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