A bold look by the artist’s wife, Tamer Hosni, see the pictures


Many artists and actresses always prefer to publish many of their pictures through their personal accounts on various social networking sites, especially through the Instagram photo and video exchange site, to exchange views between them, and to know the views of the public in their various looks, and it was on top of them the wife of the Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni , Who recently posted a new photo of herself.

Tamer Hosni’s wife

Tamer Hosni's wife
Tamer Hosni’s wife
Tamer Hosni and his wife
Tamer Hosni and his wife

Shine again

Basma Bousil, wife of Egyptian singer Tamer Hosni, published a new picture of her through her personal account with social media to exchange photos and videos in Instagram, through the Astori feature, and the image, with its bold and distinctive appearance, also won the admiration of a large number of her fans and followers through Instagram.

Basma Bousil, Tamer Hosni’s wife, appeared in a very bold look, through which she was able to reveal the extent of her femininity, through the bare chest and shoulders, and she only put some roses, and this view won the admiration of a large number of her followers and fans.

As for the aesthetics, she relied on leaving her hair hanging between her shoulders in a natural flowing manner, and this is what might suit her appearance, and what won everyone’s admiration, and she also used some quiet touches of make-up, especially eye makeup, she used bright make-up For the eyes, she also used eyeliners to draw her eyes to highlight their beauty, and she chose lipstick and blush in pink, and this may fit with her new look.


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