“A bride’s wedding is not a funeral” … a nurse predicted her death and treated Coronavirus patients


07:41 AM

Thursday 04 February 2021

Kafr El Sheikh – Islam Ammar:

The people of the village of Al-Hamrawi, affiliated to the Kafr El Sheikh Center, buried the body of the nurse, “Sarah Ashraf Abdel-Razek,” with chants.
“Sarah” is a girl in her thirties, and her father tells Masrawy that she used to devote part of her time to devoting the Holy Quran, in addition to her work in nursing, in addition to treating patients in their homes without pay.

“Her funeral is all zealous, as if it were a bride’s wedding, not a funeral.” Her father added that “Sarah” always repeated, “I am a daughter of death,” and asks him to return her kink to her fiancee.
Sarah’s mother says: “I chirped for the first time in my life while washing her,” and many people flocked to the house upon learning of the news of her death. “She was doing well with everyone,” adding that she feels that her daughter is now in a better place.
Khal Fayez Farraj added that “Sarah” was not afraid to deal with Corona patients, and she used to go to the affected families in their homes without pay in her spare time after the end of work hours to follow them.

He said, “She predicted her death on her birthday … Glory be to God. Her funeral was a bride who weds to her husband’s house.”
The people of the village of Al-Hamrawi, affiliated with the Kafr El Sheikh Center, spread the funeral of the body of Sarah Ashraf Abdel-Razek, 23, a wallet for the Holy Qur’an, and a nurse, after suffering from a drunken coma and she died.

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