A check of millions of dollars was found during a raid on a terrorist cell – witness


Dr. Samir Farag, a strategic thinker, confirmed that some countries were financing terrorism in Egypt through diplomatic portfolios. He pointed out that the matter reached the point of supplying terrorist elements with money and weapons via containers, but all of this was prevented.

He added during today’s episode of the “Hall of Liberation” program, broadcast on the “Sada Al Balad” satellite channel and presented by “Azza Mustafa”, the media. On one occasion, during the raids, a check was found for millions of dollars to be cashed and to finance terrorist operations in Egypt; Pointing out the importance of Egypt’s participation in the Arab Intelligence Forum.

Farag pointed out that terrorism seeks to weaken the Egyptian state, but with the same Arab intelligence meetings in Egypt, cooperation is made to eliminate terrorism.

Faraj thanked to me Major General Abbas Kamel, head of the Egyptian General Intelligence Aggregation Arab intelligence is on Land Egypt; Echoing: “We gathered all the intelligence leaders to discuss confronting the elements Terrorist ومصادر Arm it And financing it ».

Ambassador Bassam Radi, the official spokesperson for the Presidency of the Republic, published photos of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s participation, today, Monday, via video conference technology, in the work of the opening session of the “Arab Intelligence Forum”, on the occasion of the opening of the Forum headquarters in Cairo.

The President expressed his welcome to the delegations participating in the forum, where he delivered an opening speech in which he stressed the importance of activating the Arab Intelligence Forum as a strong and supportive mechanism for close intelligence cooperation between brotherly Arab countries, as well as working on establishing an integrated and court-martial anti-terrorism system based on sharing roles, exchanging experiences, updating and continuous development. Confrontation mechanisms in this regard.

The President stressed the importance of collective action within the framework of Arab brotherhood to restore stability in all countries of the region, especially those that are witnessing a state of liquidity and ravaged by crises, and terrorist organizations seek stability and expansion in them, supported by regional and international external forces that aim to create chaos in order to control the capabilities of our dear countries. Appealing to all participants to cooperate and stand together to reject division and overcome any differences in order to advance the interests of the Arab countries and peoples.

Participants in the forum, heads of Arab intelligence agencies headed by Abbas Kamel, head of General Intelligence, congratulated the president and Egypt for the opening of the “Arab Intelligence Forum headquarters”, stressing the importance of the forum as a platform to enhance joint action to safeguard Arab national security by exchanging views and points of view to deal with the accelerating challenges that The Arab region is facing, in particular, combating terrorism, extremist ideology and organized crime, in a way that helps achieve security and stability for all Arab countries.

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